Protecting What Matters.

I am dedicated to protecting what truly matters to our community. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient Minnesota that values fairness, opportunity, and the well-being of every citizen.

Parental Rights

Champion Parental Involvement in Education
Safeguard Parental Rights in Healthcare Decisions
Strengthen Family Court Reform for Fair Outcomes

Economic Development

Foster a Technology-Driven Economy
Support Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Enhance Workforce Development

Modernizing Education

Integrate Cutting-Edge Technology in Schools
Expand Access to STEM Education
Support Teacher Training in Digital Literacy

Digital Privacy

Strengthen Data Protection Laws
Promote Digital Literacy and Awarenes
Ensure Transparency in Data Usage

Healthcare Affordability

Expand Telehealth Services
Reduce Healthcare Costs through AI
Improve Mental Health Resources

Community Safety

Strengthen Community Policing Initiatives
Invest in Public Safety Infrastructure
Address Root Causes of Crime